Beatrice Wolert is a mixed media artist, living and working in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

I work between genres of drawing, sculpture, video, installation and photography to explore notions of ephemerality, fragility, impermanence, essentiality, serendipity, fragmentation, layering through the transformation of materials. Everyday life, nature, science, fashion, design, craft and decoration provide inspiration for and inform my practice. I utilize various sterile mass produced objects such as spools of thread, zippers, cash register tape rolls, masking tape, and bra hook and eye extenders and subvert their original functions through employing various methods of cutting, drilling and stapling to draw more attention to their physical attributes. Previously static and lifeless objects become activated and gain more character—become animated. Most often, the materials I utilize have their beginnings as found or acquired objects and exist as items of inspirations in my peripheral vision before they find their way into my work. There needs to be a period of gestation and coexistence before a familiarity with the materials and trust is established. In exposing a material’s physical properties, I am looking to expose the core essence of the object. I am interested in the conversations created around the shifts in meaning, value and beauty that come into play.